RUH ROH! pick up is in town

So I don’t know how you guys feel about the pick up industry but we have recently discovered a site that will teach you how to fuck a girl, this massiveray guy seems to know his stuff and could defo help out some of you virgins out there. His advice is very specific and is […]

The Alchemist

So last night we went out to the alchemist in Trinity. Once we had got in, after a 45 minute queue, we then queued at the bar for another 20 minutes, so total time from arriving to putting my order in is so far 65 minutes…. It then took the bar man 15 minutes to […]

Drinks In Leeds

If you like a wide variety in your life and you are thinking of going for drinks in Leeds, then you are certainly in the right place. Despite the fact that the Tetley brewery at Hunslet closed in June 2011 (the traditional Yorkshire bitter is now brewed in Wolverhampton which is beyond the grasp of […]